List of Key Signatures

shown as they appear in sheet music

Major keys

Minor keys

C sharp major
key of C sharp major

F sharp major
key oF F sharp major

B major
key of B major

E major
key of E major

A major
key of A major

D major
key of D major

G major
key of G major

C major
key of C major

F major
key oF F major

B flat major
key of B flat major

E flat major
key of E flat major

A flat major
key of A flat major

D flat major
key of D flat major

G flat major
key of G flat major

C flat major
key of C flat major

A sharp minor
key of A sharp minor

D sharp minor
key of D sharp minor

G sharp minor
key of G sharp minor

C sharp minor
key of C sharp minor

F sharp minor
key oF F sharp minor

B minor
key of B minor

E minor
key of E minor

A minor
key of A minor

D minor
key of D minor

G minor
key of G minor

C minor
key of C minor

F minor
key oF F minor

B flat minor
key of B flat minor

E flat minor
key of E flat minor

A flat minor
key of A flat minor

Enharmonic key signatures

A sharp major
key of A sharp major

B sharp major
key of B sharp major

D sharp major
key of D sharp major

E sharp major
key of E sharp major

F flat major
key oF F flat major

G sharp major
key of G sharp major

B sharp minor
key of B sharp minor

C flat minor
key of C flat minor

D flat minor
key of D flat minor

E sharp minor
key of E sharp minor

F flat minor
key oF F flat minor

G flat minor
key of G flat minor

Images of the key signatures were made with the Lilypond music typesetting program.

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